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Leaving Traces

interactive performance – 2021

Leaving Traces

P-K-K-P ( duo-work with Parvaneh Karimi , Iran )

ABOUT Leaving Traces is a nomadic installation and performance around food by the duo P-K-K-P. Dishes and flavours can trigger memories of family, previous generations, traditions, as well as other countries and continents. Food has the power to make connections: between past and present, countries and continents, and people of different generations.

our nomadic place which grew from deep emotional conversations . a place where we don’t expect anything we want everyone to feel welcome . ( to slow down maybe ? ) . to be . outside . somewhere on the border of the institution , where everybody feels safe to enter ? at the table , we provide drinks and food for known and strangers . as an invitation .to be together, to eat, drink, sit, calm down, slow down, laugh, cry, relax, exchange, share… we started working together when we figured out that Parvaneh was trying to forget , and i was trying to remember . both acts are related to family memories . by picking the object of our childhood house we most love and hate , we were wondering if it would be possible to change bad memories and construct new ones when we , and others , relate differently to those objects . through intensity and time we have build a sisterly relation which encounters the complexity and beauty of being sisters. always welcome to pass by ( our whole place could be collected in a driving bath , to move through the city center . )

MATERIAL riding bath, chair, rugs 40×40 ( old clothes , and wool ) , blankets / rugs / curtains ( screen-printed cloths ) , wool , iron , kitchen , food , drink blue lamp

HOSTED BY Casco Art Institute, UTRECHT (NL) – Working for the Commons
EXPO Graduation show ( 26 juni – 8 juli 2021 )
TITLE The Time That Keeps Growing Quietly In Our Absence
COORDINATION Kris Dittel and Katia Krupennikova