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kleur ontkennen / denying colour ( from irrelevant to inexpugnable )

performance + installation – 2014

kleur ontkennen / denying colour ( from irrelevant to inexpugnable )

TIME 2014 (June-March)
LOCATION Leuven College van Premonstreit
EXPO Ithaka 22 ( 25 March – 30 March )
ABOUT Transformation

PROJECT PROPOSAL During the exhibition, while working in and with material linked to the history of the building ( my ) clothes will change to show how a transformation could look like how transformation merges with a body, with an environment to that which so often passes us by. unnoticed. By slowing down the process and making it visible I want to emphasise the fleetingness of time the importance of (self)awareness and the often intense dialogue involved with and without words. (out, Deny Colour)
FORM Body in installation (during opening hours of the expo)
MATERIAL Linked to the history of the building:
1571, pump of sorrow: running water
1573, refuge house: white paint
1797, shelter Austrian army: canvas
1800, court of first instance: pigment
1802, hospital: plaster cast
1817, cabinets of Natural and Mineral Resources: minerals
1818, Institute of Physics: white clothes
2014, exhibition room, connecting materials and tools

photo credits: Mathias Hannes