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interactive object – 2021

b a c k – p a c k

invited by Christina Della Giustina and Jay Mistry

TIME 2021
PLACE puntWG , Amsterdam , NL
EXHIBITION F.I.R.E edition 01

ABOUT We are working together with Prof. Mistry, geographer at the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, who together with Brazilian and Kayapo researchers, studied the Kayapo’s fire-practices. In this context, the Kayapo made a series of videos that serve as communication tools. It is these videos and their complex call for communication amongst different languages, sciences and cosmologies, that we engage with and take as incentive to come together, practice attention, exercise listening, seeing and sensing by means and for the sake of dialogue. ( christina della giustina )

Kayapo (Portuguese: Caiapó) are Indigenous peoples living in nowadays Brazil inhabiting the area spreading across the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, south of the Amazon River and along Xingu River and its tributaries. The Kayapo are one of the various subgroups of the Mebêngôkre nation, the people from the water’s source. Christina Della Giustina invited me while she was organizing an exhibition together with professor Jay Mistry about the Kayapo’s videos ( indigenous peoples living in the Amazon ) and their fire-practice . videos’ with a call to spread their story . with the question to make a translation of one detail from the video ; i was intrigued by Kayapo-woman wearing baskets on top of their head , carrying wood . me , wondering if their basket could carry their voices ? the basket i contributed to the exhibition became an unfold-able back-pack to be worn on the head , with a colorful inside carrying ceramic pieces ( when watered making a sparkling sound ) . while wearing , it changes postures . when opened , people can gather around . an ongoing project in which i am invited by Christina and Jay , accompanied by Cathy , to be part of dialogues and conversations about how to spread indigenous knowledge non-violently

FORM back-pack , sound
MATERIAL sheep’s wool insulation , heat-pressed on the inside , carrying straps , branches , ceramic-left-overs packed in left-over pieces ( nameless publication —1 )

photo credits: Uzanne Yuxuan Cui