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Bilal Bahir

Bilal lives and works in Belgium and graduated in 2008 at ‘The Institute of Fine Arts’, Baghdad, Sculpture.

His artistic research is interested in the diversity of cultures in a vast chronological perspective. He develops a biographical and political dimension to end up with cycles of drawings and sketches with a dreamlike and poetic character. It raises the question of the state of war and human existence through the many changes in Iraqi society, be it cultural, political or economic changes. The pictorial elements express the artist’s deep commitment to the great questions of our time: the place of the individual in the midst of the conflicts and changes that are shaking the world and touching the human being at the heart of his life. The red line that runs through all his artistic work originates in the cradle of humanity: Mesopotamia. This is where the artist ‘s interrogation begins, an interrogation that he shows through a panorama of striking historical and cultural facts. Through his drawings, Bahir, like a screenwriter, unfolds his reflections with the help of images of lived or dreamed events. On pages of ancient books, he unfolds his world, his dreams and the harsh reality.

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